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When life ends for a person, family and friends who survive naturally experience grief. Persons who have dedicated their life’s work to the care of the bereaved have learned that there are proven methods and experiences that are helpful to those who survive in coming to terms with the finality of death.

Survivors who arrange for some type of specific event to remember the one who has died adjust to the return to life’s activities with notable ease compared to those who avoid or dismiss these rituals. The funeral is the first ritual held following death. It is defined as an organized, purposeful, time-limited, flexible, group-centered response to death. Later there may be Services of Remembrance, Memorial Services, Celebrations of Life and other gatherings that relate to a specific time and place for those who will come together to remember. Some are historical as a way to recall the life and times of one or several people who died sometime ago. Memorial Day in America is but one example of how we set aside a time to remember.

Wilson Memorial Service is about walking with you through the process of making decisions and executing your Plan. We have no preconceived thoughts or opinions. We will share with you historical facts and help you assure your Plan will accomplish your intentions. Nothing will be hidden – it will be an open discussion. You will have the information needed at all times.

We have a General Price List for all that we do. You may contact us or pick up one from our foyer the next time you are in our building. Should you desire an estimate for your specific ideas, thoughts and plans, we will provide one without any obligation.

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