Planning in Advance

Advance planning is the process of gathering information for the decisions that need to be made to be executed at the time of death. One may list the basics and leave the balance to those who will survive or go as far as comfortable. There may be as many as 45-50 items that will need attention. These include, but are not limited, to legal death certificate information, place of funeral, newspaper information and disposition. (Those preferring cremation for disposition may have additional plans to make.) A carefully planned service will be comforting as it spares those involved from having to face decisions that can be both emotionally and financially difficult at the time of death. It will give them lasting peace of mind to know that they have acted in accordance with your advance wishes.

Such a conference can be in the relaxed atmosphere of the home or in our office whichever is appropriate for you. The first meeting might be a time to learn options and what existing documents will be needed. Remember, a certain number of decisions will have to be made depending upon the needs and wants. You can decide how much you want to participate and what you prefer to leave to others to do.

Advance Planning is for everyone. Advance Payment information is for everyone. Actual advance paying may not be.

Advance Payment

We do not require payment in advance. However, our accounts are due at the time of providing services and goods. An Estate probably would not qualify due to timing. Thus, you might want to set aside funds for ready access or consider advance payment. A good check or credit card is always acceptable.

We will discuss with you various options should you feel it appropriate to pay part or all in advance. This will include a discussion on Medicaid for those affected by senior care costs. You will want a very thorough understanding before any of your hard earned dollars are paid into a plan which will include the state-monitored protection that is available to you.

Transferring Plans

When you Plan in advance and develop your Plan, that Plan belongs to you. It is yours. Any funds associated with the Plan are yours. You have the flexibility of moving or transferring your Plan to any firm of your choice - locally or even out of state.

To make a transfer simply coordinate with the new firm. If it is a listing of information and facts with no funds involved, it becomes a non-funded Plan at the new provider. If funds are involved, you will be asked to sign three forms for a lateral transfer to the new provider. The procedure will be monitored by the North Carolina Board of Funeral Service.

If the transfer is to Wilson Memorial Service, you may expect an annual report on funded Plans so you know the location of and the amount in your account. Funds are not usually taxable. The same report is made to the state each year and to Medicaid if appropriate.

Should there be excess funds in the account following death that were not used, it will be returned by the bank or insurance company holding that balance according to state law. These procedures are audited by the Board of Funeral Service to assure the Plan is closed properly.

Your questions are welcome.

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