As cremation is fairly new to our area, there is a lot of discussion concerning religious sanctions, cost, distribution of cremated remains – just to begin the list. Cremation is not the end. Disposition of the cremated remains become the end. There are rules for disposition and we are available to help you plan to assure your intentions can be carried out.

Cremation is the technical process, using intense heat and flame, that reduces human remains to bone fragments. Cremation includes the processing and may include the pulverization of the bone fragments leaving cremated remains. State Statute 90-210.121.

There are many ideas on when cremation is to occur. It may be upon conclusion of all public rites where the whole body was present for the funeral. It may be soon after death where no rites are desired; that is termed as immediate cremation. The decision is personal and any products needed will relate to one’s plans. We can suggest once we know your needs.

We encourage you to learn all the possibilities for cremation to avoid quick decisions that might later prove not to have been in the best interest of those involved.

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