Burial is the commonly chosen form of disposition. The place of death and the place of burial may be a great distance apart. It is possible to connect the two much easier than it was just a few years ago through modern technology. It is often important to those who survive to return the deceased to a particular place for final disposition.

There is much history related to burial grounds or cemeteries. It is far reaching and personal. We have family, church, community and privately owned cemeteries in our area. There are rules for each to assure that history is preserved and the future is anticipated. A thorough examination of the rules is suggested before making a final decision on which cemetery is best for your family. Do not assume ask questions. Require answers that you can understand in print.

It would be possible to disinter a person from a particular grave and move to another location. That very discussion should be thorough with all parties concerned before making a final decision. Burial is so final compared to other decisions in life so the right plans are paramount.

Many cemeteries provide space for above ground disposition called a mausoleum - while cremated remains may be placed in a niche as a part of a mausoleum. The difference is personal and, again, requires much advance dialog with all involved.

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